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Assessment Platform

Modular, easy-to-use assessment suite features a portfolio of candidate-friendly assessments, analytical reporting & powerful online proctoring.

Language Skills Assessments

Verify Proficiency.

Language assessments are at the core of our platform and are available in all major European languages.

The English Quiz is our flagship app. We offer a portfolio of language assessment solutions that adapt to your needs & can help you by:

  • Accessing our library of 20+ ready-built assessments available in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese

  • Building your own custom assessment

  • Providing expert grading of your in-house candidate samples

  • Personalising results insights

Make more informed hiring decisions with reliable English proficiency assessments!

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Customisation and versatility are what make us unique.

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Assessment Tools Suite

A powerful suite of tools.

Tools that can easily be customised to meet your specific screening requirements.


Corporate skills assessments

Testing office or soft skills verifies the ability of candidates to do specific jobs and reduces cost & time-to-hire.


Fluency-check grading

Leave it to us, the experts, to grade & validate your in-house language proficiency and fluency.


Video-based assessments

Create a video assessment to streamline your hiring process and evaluate a candidate’s ability to interact effectively.


Gamified assessments

Engaging and creative assessments that evaluate skills through graphics and game-based scenarios.


Industry-specific assessments

Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Call Centre or Business - identify required industry knowledge and terminology.


Bespoke assessments

Use your proprietary content to create a 100% personalized assessment to meet your exact needs.

Do you have another type of language assessment project? Let us know how we can help!

Innovative Assessments

Enhance candidate experience.

Deliver greater accessibility & convenience for talent by offering the flexibility to communicate across different platforms and in the way candidates prefer.





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Online Proctoring

Ensure your assessments.

Guarantee the integrity of your certifications with our advanced anti-cheating measures.


Our platform, API or extension includes:

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ID Verification

AI driven, multi-factor identity authentication: id photo capture, facial recognition and evaluator verification

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Automated Invigilation

Random test-taker photo capture, time-stamped photos, randomized test questions and behaviour monitored

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Secure Browser Settings

Automated monitoring of test-taker actions, IP address changes flagged and copy/paste functions disabled

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Make your life easier.

Screening is now easier & faster - automate your assessment process with 1-click. All quizzology solutions easily integrate into ATSs and LMSs. We are already available in industry leaders.

The English Quiz has been a valuble asset to our recruitment process. Thank you!
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Javier Sanchez

Director Business Planning, APM Terminals
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